First steps:

  • Go to and make a flier. Fliers must be in color to show an accurate description of your pet.
  • Call Animal Control (402-441-7900) and Humane Society (402-441-4488) and file a report.
  • Put out an alert on their microchip by calling their microchip company.
  • Run  an ad in Lincoln Journal Star (402-473-7373). FREE add for 6 days.
  • Go to They have a FREE service that will fax a picture of your pet to all the local vets.
  • Post lost dog information on Craigslist and other social media.
  • Hand out/hang fliers in a 1 mile radius around your house. If you get sightings in a different area, hand out fliers there. Start with a 1 mile radius and work your way out from there.
  • Hand fliers to everyone you can (residents, police, postal carriers, delivery persons).Get information out so people have the number/description available in case of sightings. You want them to call the minute they see your dog and not have to hunt for a phone number.
  • Make neon posters to hang at intersections in a 1 mile radius around your house (see our site for instructions).
  • Leave out food, water.
  • NEVER OFFER A REWARD!! We cannot offer assistance if a reward is offered ANYWHERE, including flyers or other social media sites! We also cannot help on STOLEN animals. We have to defer to law enforcement to handle.

Next Steps:.

  • Call Animal Control every day to see if they picked up your dog.
  • Go to Humane Society, on 2320 Park Blvd, at least every other day (every day is best).Tell them you have a lost dog and that you want to see all the dogs that they have brought in.Make sure you go look at all the lost/stray dogs they have! There is a 3 day stray hold. After 3 days, your dog may be put up for adoption.
  • Check Craigslist (Lost and Found) every day.

Optional Steps/Other Resources:

  • Call us if there have been two or more sightings of your dog, or if your dog has been around but you can’t catch.We can set up camera/set trap/have volunteers search.
  • We work with a printer who offers 500 color fliers for @ $60. Message us if you'd like to have printing done.

We offer assistance and guidance to those who have lost an animal. We rely solely on donations. We have training and expertise to help you find your lost animal, and have helped reunite several thousands of lost animals with their companions.

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