Our mission is simple: We help owners reunite with their lost pets. We are a non-profit that provides tips and pointers to help owners succeed in finding their lost animals. We help hand out fliers for the missing animal, we help search, and provide the support owners need. We are the only organization in our community who does this. We give a rational voice during an emotional time. We provide hope.

We help keep animals from entering shelters and rescues as strays. We educate pet owners on how to keep their animals safe and what to do if they lose them. We provide an invaluable service for our community and help ease the burden of overpopulation in shelters and rescues by reuniting lost pets and owners..

We have been a vital part of our community for a number of years. We have continued to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers that make our mission possible. Through all these years our purpose still remains the same: Bring our furry family members home!